Puppets for Jesus.......Call to book at 309.699.5417

Puppets for Jesus (PFJ) is an inspirational ministry for all ages! Our team is comprised of 23 to 25 active members ranging in age from 13 years old to over 85. Each member brings their own flare to the team by offering a variety of abilities and talent. The team meets each Wednesday for an hour and a half to create and rehearse. 

PFJ performances typically range from 15 minutes up to an hour of Christian based material. Such pieces include puppetry, sign language, black light, dowel rods, drama and expressions through painting. Fillers, such as word twists, jokes and gospel illusion are used as transitional pieces which allow those behind the curtain to set up for the next performance piece. Nearly all of our team members have taken part in one type of filler or another.

The team performs in a variety of locations such as churches of all denominations, nursing homes, retirement communities, assisted living facilities, schools and special events to include private parties and community-wide events. There is no fee charged for the performance, but donations are accepted.

As you can see, Puppets for Jesus is a motivated and inspirational outreach ministry that plays a vital role at First United Methodist Church of East Peoria...spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ using inspirational ministry.